The Science of SlingShot

How It’s Played

Experts agree that starting a warm up with a heavy club and working down to a light club benefits players of all skill levels.

SlingShot’s patent pending design with an interchangeable weight system enables you to get four different weight settings from just one training club. In addition, SlingShot provides audible, physical and visual feedback through-out your swing to help you improve your flexibility, balance, tempo, timing and increase your club head speed.

The typical golfer with limited range of motion, heavy club swinging works best…if you already have good rotation in your mid-back thoracic rotation then we found it best to warm up with a light club. Or, better yet, progress from a heavy club to a light club.”

Dr. Mike Voight

From Golf Digest

Why Slingshot works to improve your game


SlingShot works to improve your game because of the feedback it provides from your swing’s start to finish. This critical feedback through-out your swing sequence is created by its patent pending internal magnetic assembly, designed to release the shot inside the barrel upon a sudden burst of speed. The “pop” of the shot inside the barrel lets you know if and when your back swing as well as your down swing are timed correctly. By providing this feedback, you will be able to quickly identify areas of your swing that need improvement and from swing to swing, you will hear, feel and see your game improve.

The Steps of Slingshot

1. Hover

Take your address position, and then hover the club 3″-6″ above the ground.

2. Load

Slowly raise the end of the club and allow the shot inside to roll back to the grip end. It will “click” when it hits the magnetic seat.

3. Hover

Once the shot is loaded, return to hover 3″-6″ above the ground. If you swing back erratically, the shot will “pop” in your backswing. Smoothly swing to the top.

4. Top

From here, if you swing down erratically, the shot will pop before the bottom of your swing. Make your move into your downswing with a lateral weight shift toward the target.

5. Drop

Keep the shot on it’s magnetic seat for as long as you can. Stop casting from the top by focusing on accelerating through impact.

6. Slingshot

As you approach impact, imagine slinging the shot down the barrel, straight into the ground. If timed right, you will hear it “pop” at the bottom of your swing.


Always tightly secure the end cap when weights are in the chamber.

Never swing in the direction of people or valuables.

Never strike the ground or other objects

Never bring magnets into close proximity of pacemakers or other sensitive electronic devices.

the Experts

Lets see what some of the experts have to say about the benefits you can realize by using the SlingShot method (sometimes referred to as the catapult method).


"A great product that will help you in so many ways on your golf swing."

Martin Chuck, Tour Striker Golf Academy



Eric Cogorno Golf


Power X Slingshot Automatic Golf Swing Speed

Clay Ballard, TopSpeedGolf



AliTaylor Golf

Whatever your skill level or swing characteristics, there is a SlingShot for you.