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Best for players that want to focus on overspeed training 


  • 45" All carbon fiber shaft (matte black)
  • Matte black hard anodized aircraft aluminum weight chamber
  • 1 removable CNC milled stainless steel 50g weight
  • 3 removable CNC milled stainless steel 25g weights
  • 1 removable CNC milled stainless steel 75g weight
  • 6 weight settings from 250g to 450g

9 reviews for Phantom

  1. Chris Moffett

    Not only is this swing aid extremely well made, it is by far the best speed training solution out there. The removeable weights are genius.

  2. Scott Sullivan (verified owner)

    This is my new go to warm up club. Easy to keep in the bag. Grooves the snap
    Well made, adjustable , immediate feedback with each swing

  3. Jon Graves

    I recently competed in my first Pro Long Drive event. Coming into it, I’d tried a few training tools, but all I used at the event to warm up and develop the feel and power of my swing was the California Custom slingshot. I felt great going into each set and ended up hitting personal bests in back to back sets with drives of 425 and 433 yards. This is a great product that provides instant feedback and a feeling like no other product I’ve tried. Highly recommend.

  4. Neil Spelich

    What a great product. The built quality of this product is amazing!!! This is great warm club and great tool to improve your clubhead speed.

  5. Chad

    I find this to be a very valuable tool. I use to get my rhythm down before my round and grove that effortless power. Also very impressed with the build quality.

  6. Chad

    I find this to be a very valuable tool. I use it to get my rhythm down before my round and groove that effortless power. Also very impressed with the build quality.

  7. Rod Loy

    My coach, Martin Chuck introduced me to slingshot. I’ve used other speed training systems, but love this one!

    When I travel, it easily fits in my golf bag. I use it to warm up before every round and practice session.

    Recently, I left the weights on the range in California. I sent a message on the website on Sunday afternoon. To my surprise, I heard from Tony within the hour and he shipped new weights to me the next day.

    5 stars for the slingshot. 10 stars for incredible, responsive service!

  8. Konstantin Papadopoulos

    Owner of the Next Gear Golf version ,similar to this one. Very pleased with the product and the customer service. A while ago the end cap as well as two of the weights inside the chamber fell off the slingshot unnoticed, making it unusable. I e-mailed Tony , and he was very helpful and quick to respond. In less than two weeks time I had replacements sent to me in Sweden for a fractional cost.

  9. Steve Auferoth (verified owner)

    Tony: Just used it for the first time yesterday, really really like the feel of this product. One of my areas of concern is not releasing the club at the proper time. Your product allows me the feel and the sound of the release at the correct point. Awesome product, everyone should consider getting this product.

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