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Best for players who really want to hone their iron game. Also suitable for junior golfers

  • 40" Carbon Fiber Jacketed Polycarbonate Kick Shaft
  • Hard anodized aircraft aluminum weight chamber with laser etched graphics
  • Hard anodized aircraft aluminum shaft band with laser etched graphics
  • Carbon fiber jacketed firing pin
  • Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) ceramic bearings
  • Alloy steel magnetic shot that releases with a good backswing tempo
  • 4 Weight Settings
  • 3 removable weights

3 reviews for Ace

  1. Nick Andreassi (verified owner)

    A+. I purchased the combo set. 5 minutes with the ACE slingshot & it gave me that effortless “catapult” feeling. I think it is fantastic. I even bought one for my dad!!!

  2. Chris Moffett

    I felt an immediate result with the Sling Shot Ace. It has really helped be improve my tempo and distance with my irons!

  3. Dr. Larry Korenman

    5 Stars! I bought the combo set and LOVE both! You will also love the products as the WORK! Tempo is immediately better and you can not only feel the “release” you can hear it and the sound is very similar to a well-compressed iron shot (you ever notice the sound the pros get when they strike irons in person? THAT’s compression!)

    The driver length has already added speed to my clubhead – Use it as in the videos and you, too will enjoy the difference they make to your ball striking!

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