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real Game Improvement FROM TEE TO GREEN


Ready to putt Lights-Out?  Its a putting target & game to make practice more focused, competitive and FUN! 


4″ Diameter CNC milled alloy
Focuses your line and speed work


Putt Lights-Out to the MAX! Add on the CADDIE KIT or SLOPE SCOPE

Caddie Kit

Designed to allow you to read greens and place Lights-Out inside the cup (Lights-Out sold separately)


Slope Scope

Designed to work with Lights-Out in order to read greens



Best for players who really want to hone their iron game. Also suitable for junior golfers

40″ Carbon Fiber Jacketed Polycarbonate Kick Shaft
4 Weight Settings
3 removable weights


Tour Issue

Ideal for players of all skill levels seeking a driver length tool

45″ Carbon Fiber Jacketed Polycarbonate Kick Shaft 
4 Weight Settings
3 removable weights



Best for players that want to focus on overspeed training 

 45″ Pure Carbon Fiber Shaft

7 Weight Settings
6 removable weights




The Best of both. Improve your whole game!

For players who really want to hone their iron game and who are seeking a driver length tool.


Bundle and save $50

What makes the SlingShot different?

 The concept of overspeed training is abuzz today, among elite amateur and pro golfers alike, for good reason: science has proven that over speed training works. However, generating speed in the golf swing is largely dependent on solid mechanics and most overspeed training products do not provide a means to identify and develop these in your swing.

SlingShot is more than just an overspeed trainer, it provides audible, physical and visual feedback through-out your entire swing. This comprehensive sensory feedback is the key to helping you improve your mechanics, sequence & tempo to produce maximum club head speed. Additional benefits include improved flexibility and power.

Warm up, condition and overspeed train with one club that you can adjust to up to seven different weight settings. SlingShot’s intuitive design means you can work with any overspeed training or exercise regimen you personally choose and there are countless free programs online.


US and Internationally Patented


Don’t take our word for it, read what others are saying about the Golf SlingShot.

Long drive competitor Drew Cooper in the TXG Studio to help us understand how to gain speed and control.

See The SLingSHOT in Action.

Drew Cooper

Co-Founder Next Gear Golf

“A great product that will help you in so many ways on your golf swing.”

Check out what he has to say here.

Martin Chuck

Tour Striker Golf

“I tried it before hitting balls today. It was awesome, I’ve been using Orange Whip but I like SlingShot way more because it feels like an actual club and releases more like an actual club”

Reid Russel

PLDA Competitor

There is a mountain of data showing overspeed training makes you faster. This is the most versatile overspeed training device that I’ve found

Clay Ballard

Top Speed Golf Founder

Tour & Range Photos

See Golf Slingshot in action around the world. Take a look at some photos of it in use.