Improve Your Accuracy, Consistency & Speed

Remember the shot that got you hooked on golf? The best players in the world are chasing that swing and so are the rest of us! That’s why we created Golf SlingShot, to help players of all levels literally feel, hear and see their best golf.

SlingShots patented internal neodymium magnetic assembly provides haptic feedback when you release the club. Identifying and ingraining the feel of the proper release will increase your accuracy, consistency and speed.

Feel, Hear & See

Real game improvement in 3 easy steps: sling to the TOP, DROP and POP the internal shot at the bottom of your swing arc.

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Our patent pending Lights-Out putting system is all new for 2023. Now featuring CNC milled 303 stainless steel. It will help you improve your aim, face alignment, club path, ball line and speed as well as help you improve your green reading skills.

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It starts with build quality. We traveled with the PGA TOUR for 3 years to perfect our design. Our patented tools are built in the USA with genuine carbon fiber, silicon nitride black ceramic and CNC milled stainless steel with neodymium magnetic controls. We build the most advanced and most versatile training tools in golf.

Warm up, condition, speed, tempo and sequence train with one club that you can adjust up to nine different weight settings. SlingShot’s intuitive design means you can easily work with any speed training or exercise regimen you personally choose. There are countless free programs for all skill levels online.