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Best for players who really want to hone their iron game. Also suitable for junior golfers

40″ Carbon Fiber Shaft
4 Weight Settings
3 removable weights



Ideal for most players with moderate to high swing speeds

45″ Carbon Fiber Shaft
4 Weight Settings
3 removable weights


Tour Edition

For players with tour-level swing speeds (105 mph+)

45″ Carbon Fiber Shaft
4 Weight Settings
3 removable weights


Now Available!


Buy the PRO & ACE together as a complete training package!


What makes the SlingShot different?

 The concept of overspeed training is abuzz today, among elite amateur and pro golfers alike, for good reason: science has proven that over speed training works. However, generating speed in the golf swing is largely dependent on solid mechanics which most overspeed training products and programs DO NOT TEACH!

SlingShot is more than just an overspeed trainer, it provides audible and physical feedback through-out your entire swing that allows you to see real game improvement. This feedback is the key to helping you improve your balance, tempo, & timing to produce maximum club head speed. Additional benefits include improved flexibility and power.

Warm up, condition and overspeed train with one club that you can adjust to four different weight settings. SlingShot’s intuitive design means you can work with any overspeed training or exercise regimen you personally choose.


US and international patents pending


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There is a mountain of data showing overspeed training makes you faster. This is the most versatile overspeed training device that I’ve found

Clay Ballard

Top Speed Golf Founder

Tour & Range Photos

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