SlingShot works to improve your game because of the feedback it provides from your swing’s start to finish.

This critical feedback through-out your swing sequence is created by our patented internal magnetic assembly, designed to release the shot inside the barrel at speed. The “POP” of the shot lets you know when you have set and or released the club, depending on the drill.

  • 1. LOAD

    Raise the end of the club to allow the firing pin and large bearing to slide back onto their magnetic seat inside the grip end.

  • 2. HOVER

    Take your normal address position but hover the end of the club about 4- 6″ above the ground.

  • 3. SLING

    IMMEDIATELY after "HOVER", SLING the polymer bearings in your backswing to feel the momentum.

  • 4. TOP

    Complete your backswing.

  • 5. DROP

    Drop the club into “the slot” by keeping the firing pin on its magnetic seat as deep into the downswing as you can.

  • 6. FIRE

    Visualize firing the pin into the ground at the bottom of your swing arc.  Timed correctly, you will hear the second “POP” right at the bottom of your swing arc.

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Always tightly secure the end cap when weights are in the chamber.

Never strike the ground or ANY solid object with the club.

Neverswing the club in the direction of people or other valuables.

Always consult with a medical professional before starting any new fitness regimen.

This club contains magnets, do not use near pacemakers or other sensitive electronic devices.