Why Golf SlingShot?

It Works To Improve Your Game With Haptic Feedback

  • Experts agree that starting a warm up with a heavy club and working down to a light club benefits players of all skill levels.

    SlingShot’s patented design with an interchangeable weight system enables you to get up to eight different weight settings from just one training club. In addition, SlingShot provides audible, physical and visual feedback through-out your swing to help you improve your flexibility, balance, tempo, timing and increase your club head speed.

  • “The typical golfer with limited range of motion, heavy club swinging works best…if you already have good rotation in your mid-back thoracic rotation then we found it best to warm up with a light club. Or, better yet, progress from a heavy club to a light club.”

    - Dr. Mike Voight

    From Golf Digest